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How to advocate for effective EU carbon pricing

The Emissions Trading System (ETS) is one of the key EU climate policies and its reform is essential for the successful implementation of the EU Green Deal and the achievement of the Union’s 2030 climate targets.

Advocating for a strong revision of the EU ETS is an inherent part of civil society’s work to help policymakers improve EU policies and legislation, especially when they affect our present and the future of our planet.

This guide is meant to provide an overview of the key demands for the strong and effective reform of the EU carbon market, as well as to suggest a narrative and messages to successfully communicate these demands to policymakers, the media and the general public. Finally, the guide also includes some practical tools for advocates, such as a timeline of the political process and an overview of the lead policymakers in the European Commission and the European Parliament in charge of the revision of the ETS Directive.


This briefing is part of the activities organised within the LIFE ETX project.   

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