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CMW inputs on the grievance process in Article 6.4

Carbon Market Watch (CMW) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the independent grievance process in Article 6.4 (Decision3/CMA3, annex, chapter V.L, paragraph 62), following the invitation for observers to do so in the Article 6.4 Decision at COP27.

We would like to first reiterate our submission on this subject last year and also express our alignment with a submission made by Human Rights Watch ahead of the 6.4SB’s 4th meeting. While no timeline was mandated at COP26 for setting up the grievance mechanism, work should begin on it urgently since it should be completed before any carbon crediting projects are registered. This is essential to ensure that key stakeholders that might be involved in or impacted by projects, such as indigenous peoples and local communities, have a right to redress.

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