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Our work

Carbon Market Watch strives for fast, fair and fruitful climate action through researching, monitoring and advocating change in a number of vital policy areas.

At Carbon Market Watch, we focus on a number of key policy areas that seek to decarbonise our economies and societies. In each of these areas, we carry out research, monitor performance, hold governments and companies to account for their pledges, make climate-enhancing policy recommendations and advocate for sustainable change.

We focus primarily on the following themes:

We focus on global carbon markets under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and unregulated voluntary carbon markets. We also investigate the uses to which carbon credits are put and the green claims that corporations and governments make.

Interest in carbon dioxide removals has exploded in recent years. However, the field is plagued with controversy and confusion. Our work focuses on identifying how carbon removals can act as an effective climate tool, what constitutes real removals and the valid uses to which they can be put.

The industrial and power sector have enormous carbon footprints. We focus on how efforts to decarbonise energy-intensive sectors can be accelerated through various mechanisms, such as emissions trading systems and other carbon pricing instruments. We also examine how revenue from these schemes can best be invested in decarbonisation and a just transition.

Transportation and the world’s building stock continue to rely mostly on fossil fuels, while buildings too often suffer from poor energy efficiency. We focus on finding effective ways to decarbonise these challenging sectors, boost energy efficiency, switch to renewable energy sources and promote sustainable alternatives.

The decarbonisation of transportation and buildings

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