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Launch of the 2023 Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor: Are major corporations keeping their climate pledges?

Date: 13 February 2023


Time: 15.00 – 16.00 CET


Companies are making bold net-zero climate pledges and carbon-neutrality claims. But are they delivering on their promises?


The rapid proliferation of these kinds of claims makes it nearly impossible for people to differentiate between corporations that are making a serious effort to reduce their carbon footprint and those who are exploiting this as a cheap marketing gimmick.


The new edition of the annual Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor (CCRM) thoroughly and objectively analyses the climate pledges and plans of two dozen global corporations that claim climate leadership. The companies assessed include numerous household names, national flagships and leaders in their sectors.


Join us on Monday 13 February at 3pm CET for the virtual launch of the 2023 CCRM and find out which corporations are serious about climate action and which are simply out to greenwash their image.




Main findings of the report

  • Thomas Day, NewClimate Institute
  • Silke Mooldijk, NewClimate Institute

Policy recommendations

  • Lindsay Otis, Carbon Market Watch
  • Johnny White, ClientEarth
  • Dimitri Vergne, The European Consumer Organisation



  • Sabine Frank, Carbon Market Watch

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