Strengthening the Paris Agreement Transparency Framework through social accountability tools

This event will be kindly hosted at the Climate Planet Space (Freiluft-Theater – between the Bonn Zone and the Bula Zone) in Bonn, Thursday 09 November 2017, 13:30-14:30, 


Description: The Paris Agreement emphasises that “in order to build mutual trust and confidence and to promote effective implementation, an enhanced transparency framework for action and support […] is hereby established” (Article 13.1). With the Transparency Framework soon to be established, this session draws on the experience of the panelists to highlight opportunities to strengthen the transparency of action and support through the active engagement of civil society. Lessons will be offered from good practices in international review mechanisms and recent successes will be highlighted using social accountability tools to strengthen and effectively engage stakeholders in climate actions, as well as showing existing corruption risks and governance challenges. This session will showcase how civil society’s contribution to transparency can increase trust and help ensure climate finance truly counts.


Invitation (PDF)