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Carbon Neutral* – Can legislation put an end to greenwashing?

If a banana shipped from the other side of the world was labelled carbon neutral, would you believe it? Data suggests that you probably shouldn’t. Of the net-zero pledges of 25 companies evaluated in the 2021 Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor report, only one was deemed as having ‘reasonable integrity’. Similarly, a recent ECOS report suggests that half of the ‘green claims’ we find on everyday products could be misleading. Faced with this situation, public institutions are planning to introduce rules on net-zero and carbon-neutrality labels and bring some order to the Wild West of unreliable ‘green claims’. During our event, representatives from the European Commission, the UN high-level group on net-zero, the private sector, and civil society, will exchange with environmental NGOs on their current and upcoming initiatives aiming to ensure that ‘green claims’ are clear, specific, and reliable. Join us on Tuesday 31 May.  


Introduction Gilles Dufrasne, Policy Officer, Carbon Market Watch
Panel discussion –    Mélissa Zill – Progamme Manager, ECOS –    Bill Hare, CEO of Climate Analytics and member of the UN High-level group on net-zero –    Christian Holzleitner, European Commission DG CLIMA –    Robert Hoglund, Independent Climate Advisor Moderated by Mariam Zaidi   About the organisers Carbon Market Watch and ECOS are two leading NGO voices in EU policymaking, with specific expertise in the fields of carbon markets and standardisation.

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