ETS human stories

The LIFE ETX consortium collaborated to tell the stories of people involved in the green transition. CMW travelled to Portugal, Greece and Belgium to discover more about how the revenues from the EU ETS can be put to good use, improving peoples’ lives and empowering the green transition. These documentaries are the result of these trips.

Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor

Major corporations around the world lay claim to being climate champions with their “net zero” pledges and “carbon neutral” products and services.

But how seriously are these multinational companies tackling the climate emergency? Which are taking genuine green action and which are engaged in greenwashing.

Find out in this annual report.

CO2ol Down - Co-creating a common EU vision of carbon removals

Calling scientists, civil society organisations and progressive industries to join forces to co-design policy proposals that maximise the benefits of carbon removals and slash emissions in the European Union

EUCityCalc: Empowering cities towards climate neutrality

EUCityCalc empowers cities to devise a clear and concrete roadmap towards their climate and energy plans.

Error log: Exposing the methodological failures of REDD+ forestry projects

For each of the key factors influencing carbon credit quality, REDD+ forest conservation project methodologies systematically fail to guarantee environmental integrity. This excessive flexibility enables project owners to game the system.

Carbon Market Watch at COP28

At COP28, CMW urged governments to develop carbon markets that deliver real reductions, real benefits for the climate and additional benefits for nature and people. But the foremost priority must be deep emissions cuts.

Assessing airlines' voluntary climate action

We commissioned a study that revealed that the climate action taken by the eight biggest European airlines is inadequate and misleading, with some airlines even making the false claim that customers can fly carbon-neutral.

Emissions Trading Extra

Emissions Trading Extra (ETX) seeks to enhance climate governance around the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS), the EU’s main tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial and energy sectors, and for ensuring that the polluter pays.

Whistleblowers: Your planet needs you

As a watchdog organisation, we strongly encourage anyone who would like to share information regarding carbon markets, carbon pricing or other topics that we cover, to contact us.

Carbon Market Watch at COP27

At the COP27 climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, we urge the international community to commit to far more ambitious climate action. Negotiators must design effective and fair carbon markets under Article 6 that complement rather than replace rapid and massive emissions reductions.