WATCH THIS! NGO Voices on Climate Finance & Carbon Markets #11 April 2015

Title April 2015


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the spring edition of our NGO newsletter “Watch This! NGO Voices on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance”. As you may have already noticed, we decided to go for a new layout. And spring has made the tree of “climate finance” blossom. So we decided to include this new issue within the scope of our evergreen Watch This! newsletter.

2015 clearly marks an important year for climate negotiations. With the new international climate treaty to be adopted at COP 21 in Paris at the end of this year, it is evident that there are a number of important topics that need to be addressed to reach a meaningful future climate agreement. During the first round of negotiations held in February 2015, countries emphasized the need to protect human rights in all climate related measures and 18 countries launched the Geneva Pledge, an initiative to better understand the connection between human rights and climate change. While this is positive news, much work still needs to be done to ensure that human rights are sufficiently protected and recognized in the upcoming climate deal.

In this edition we take a closer look at the February ADP session by outlining the content of the Geneva pledge and its relevance for the human rights language in the Paris agreement. Guest articles from our network members take you to Panama and India to zoom in on troubling CDM projects, sharing experience with a poorly conducted inspection of a coal power project in Singrauli, India as well as the success of the timely suspension of the Barro Blanco hydropower dam in Panama.

We also look into a NAMA project implemented in Georgia and give an overview about the key decisions taken at the Green Climate Fund Board meeting that concluded in March.

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