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Watch This! NGO Voices on Carbon Markets #7

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Welcome to the pre-COP19 edition of our NGO newsletter “Watch This! NGO Voices on Carbon Markets”!

COP19 is just around the corner. Although Poland is not expected to deliver on concrete climate targets for the 2015 climate agreement, there are a number of important topics at stake that need to be addressed to pave the way for a comprehensive, far reaching future climate deal in 2015. If you have not yet done so, sign-on to our Open Letter demanding Environment Ministers around the world first and foremost to increase ambition and stop carbon markets from undermining mitigation commitments at COP19.

In line with the theme of COP19, also this pre-COP edition of the Watch This! will focus on the dirtiest fuel on the planet: coal power. A guest article tackles how Singrauli district in India became a sacrifice zone for a CDM coal power project at the expense of local communities. The Gujarat Forum on the CDM tells a sad tale of another coal power plant in Gujarat, the first CDM coal project that has received offset credits.  Our friends from the American continent show how two CDM hydro projects fail to uphold human rights and infringe on the livelihoods of indigenous communities. Moreover, two articles explain the dangers associated with agriculture carbon credits and why these should not be drawn into the compliance market. We also look at how carbon offsets have undermined EU climate policy and how the aviation sector is possibly looking at providing future demand for offsets.

Watch This! NGO voices on Carbon Markets’ appears quarterly in English and Hindi with campaign updates and opinion pieces from around the world. If you would like to contribute to the next edition or have any comments please get in touch with [email protected].

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