Watch This! NGO voices on the CDM #3

Welcome to the pre-COP edition of our NGO newsletter “Watch This! NGO Voices on the CDM”!

As carbon prices continue to plummet, resuscitation measures are being discussed everywhere. CDM Watch will be making sure to warn you about recommendations that ignore inherent flaws of the CDM and initiatives that only attempt to fix the carbon market for its own sake. Countries should concentrate on the essentials when they meet at the next international climate negotiations (COP 18) at the end of November in Doha, Qatar. Our message is simple and clear: countries must dramatically increase their pledges to reduce emissions immediately, otherwise we will not stand a chance to prevent catastrophic effects of climate change.

In this edition you’ll hear about the CDM Reform panel’s recommendations and why they have to be taken with caution. We’ll take a look at the CDM Executive Board’s latest set of bad decisions, including returning coal into the CDM. What follows is not despair but an invitation to join our fight to stop climate finance for coal. We’ll also introduce you to the problems of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and prepare you for COP18. In a series of guest articles from our India Network you’ll hear about the impacts that afforestation projects can have on the livelihoods of farmers and how even clean energy projects, when implemented carelessly, can have unwanted impacts on local communities and biodiversity. Lastly, we finish off with some good news with the recognition of recycling in the CDM.

Watch This! NGO voices on the CDM’ appears quarterly in English, Spanish and Hindi with campaign updates and opinion pieces from around the world. If you would like to contribute to the next edition of Watch This! or have any comments please get in touch with [email protected].

Table of Contents

  1. Reform Panel ignores inherent flaws of the CDM
  2. The CDM Executive Board flabbergasts with wrong-headed decisions
  3. No climate finance for coal! Join our fight!
  4. Bumpy Road to EU ETS Reform
  5. Getting hot in Doha
  6. Improving Rural Livelihoods Through Carbon Sequestration?
  7. The Nallakonda Windfarm CDM Project – a Good Concept Badly Implemented
  8. Recycling wins recognition in the CDM
  9. Looks are deceptive: JK Paper Mill’s A&R CDM project is double profit for the company, huge loss for local people

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