Watch This! NGO Voices on the CDM #2

Welcome to the summer edition of our NGO Newsletter!

The heat is on as last projects from emerging economies rush to registration before the change of eligibility for the European market at the end of the year will take effect. Dirty coal will not make the race as the methodology remains suspended. This decision kicks almost all future carbon credits from coal power projects out of the EU ETS. Good timing!  While this is amazing news, much work still needs to be done to create finance mechanisms with net benefits for climate and people. Maybe the development of sustainable development goals launched this year at Rio+20 will be able to break the deadlock and contribute to prioritizing projects that truly benefit local populations and the climate. Given the problems the CDM is plagued with, many issues need to be addressed in the reform efforts under way and expectations are high.

In this second edition we zoom in on the latest decisions made by the CDM Executive Board. We also take a look at how the CDM Policy dialogue has been doing so far and evaluate if civil society was sufficiently included in the dialogue. We raise an eyebrow at Rio+20 were the CDM’s troubles to meet its goals featured in a prominent side act of the conference. To celebrate the first birthday of the CDM Watch Network we serve up a wide range of guest articles from our members. Examination of local stakeholder consultations in India and Mexico confirms that consultations are mostly inadequate or in some cases even forged. We look at the CDM’s performance in Chile and finish with contentious issues around waste management projects in Mexico and how Europe is waking up to the reality of carbon credits from waste.

Watch This! appears quarterly in English, Spanish, Hindi and Bangla with campaign updates and opinion pieces from around the world. If you would like to contribute to the next edition of Watch This! or have any comments please get in touch with [email protected]

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights of 68th CDM Executive Board meeting
  2. The CDM policy dialogue – Lobby showdown or honest review?
  3. Happy 1st Birthday CDM Watch Network!
  4. Sustainable Development in Rio+20: So close and yet so far away
  5. NGO Roundtable on the CDM in Chile
  6. Local stakeholder Consultation – Just a formality!
  7. Reality Check Mexico: Who participates in the CDM?
  8. CDM Waste management projects in Mexico, Greenwash for business as usual, social and environmental costs to communities
  9. Europe Wakes up to the Reality of Carbon Credits from Waste

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