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Upcoming Civil Society Workshop on Carbon Markets, Bangkok (Newsletter #16)

CDM Watch will facilitate a three-day workshop for civil society from the South East Asia region in Bangkok, Thailand from 12-14 October. The event will focus on the role of civil society in carbon markets and is co-organised by Focus on the Global South.

More than 700 CDM projects are located in South East Asia. CDM Watch’s workshop aims to enable civil society organisations and local communities in South East Asia to scrutinise CDM projects and hold the CDM to account effectively. The information and knowledge shared over the three days will provide participants with practical skills and expertise needed to understand and effectively engage in the CDM project cycle.

Civil society organisations and impacted communities from six South East Asian countries will exchange their experience with CDM projects. They will discuss global and local issues associated with the CDM and emerging carbon markets, including the necessity for safeguards and how to address human rights issues. The event will be followed up through the CDM Watch Network to enable further civil society dialogue about current and future carbon markets.

If you are interested in participating, you will find information on the workshop here on our website.

Civil Society Workshop on Carbon Markets in South East Asia

Chulalongkorn University Campus

12-14 October 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand

For travel and workshop information see


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