CDM Watch at Work (Newsletter #16)

Over the last two months, CDM Watch has been busy providing input to policy discussions and analyzing and speaking out against contentious projects. Below a list of our recent submissions and publications:

 CDM Executive Board calls for public input

CDM Watch Press Releases

Letters to the CDM Executive Board on coal projects

Jointly submitted by CDM Watch and Sierra Club:

  • Unsolicited letter raising procedural concerns over registration of Project 4533 Coastal Andhra Power Ltd (28.7.11)         
  • Unsolicited letter raising concerns about implementation and administration of rules related to the registration request of Project Activity 4807: Energy Efficient Power Generation by Nabha Power Limited, India. (3.8.11)
  • Unsolicited letter to the CDM Executive Board on Project 4629 –Review of the Additionality of the CDM Project Activity 4629: Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions Through Super Critical Technology – Jharkhand Integrated Power (5.7.11)

Comments on the validation of coal projects

Jointly submitted by CDM Watch and Sierra Club:

Comments on the Second Project Design Document and Application for Validation after Rejection of Registration by CDM Executive Board: GHG Emission Reductions through grid connected high efficiency power generation, Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd., India (12.7. 2011)


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CDM Watch at Work (Newsletter #16)

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