CDM Watch Network Launched! (Newsletter #15)

We are happy to announce the official launch of the CDM Watch Network!

The CDM Watch Network is a platform set up to encourage communication and capacity building. It aims to strengthen the role and influence of civil society in individual CDM project decisions, CDM policy discussions and wider carbon market developments.

The CDM Watch Network provides:

  • Information exchange through English and Spanish mailing lists (you can subscribe to both)
  • Alerts about opportunities to voice concerns, including public input periods to projects and policy developments
  • Coordination of activities and campaigns
  • Information about working groups, workshops, conferences and other civil society forums.

How to join the CDM Watch Network

The CDM Watch Network is free and open to all non-profit civil society organisations. To become a member, organisations must be formally independent of governments and commercial organisations and be active in the fields of climate change, environmental protection, social rights or related areas. We especially invite NGOs, activists and local movements from CDM host countries to join the Network.

If you would like to join the CDM Watch Network, please fill out the online registration form at

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The CDM Watch Team


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CDM Watch Network Launched! (Newsletter #15)

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