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Anja Kollmuss joins CDM Watch (Newsletter #14)

CDM Watch is happy to announce that Anja Kollmuss is joining the team. Anja is a Swiss native and will be based in Zurich.

“I am very excited to join CDM Watch. We have collaborated on a number of issues in the past and I know that I will be part of dynamic and dedicated team of advocacy experts. We are currently standing at a crossroad in terms of international climate policy and I hope to be able to help shape the debate about new policy instruments that enhance the integrity and mitigation potential of carbon markets”, says Anja.

After 17 years in the US Anja returned to Switzerland at the start of the year where she worked as a consultant for South Pole Carbon Asset Management, before joining CDM Watch. Anja previously worked for many years as a staff scientist at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) in Boston. She has written several comprehensive reviews of offset programs and standards and developed the Carbon Offset Research and Education website (

Anja was a contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Third Assessment Report. For more than 15 years she has researched and worked on the implementation of low-carbon strategies, and she has extensive experience in energy-efficiency strategies for residential buildings. She also worked with rural communities in India for over 10 years, helping them start micro-finance and educational programs. Anja did her undergraduate studies at ETH Zurich and at Harvard where she majored in Biology and Environmental Studies. She holds an MA in Urban and Environmental Planning from Tufts University.


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