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CDM Watch submission to the European Commission on design aspects of quality restrictions on the use of credits from industrial gas projects

Brussels. The European Commission is working on a proposal to introduce quality restrictions on industrial gas offsets in the EU ETS. On 25 of October, CDM Watch made a submission to the Commission comprising the following documents:

  1. CDM Watch Submission to the European Commission – October 2010
  2. AM0001 Revision Request: Revision to AM0001 to address methodological issues – March 2010
  3. Revision to the approved baseline and monitoring methodology AM0001 / Version 05.2 – EB 28
  4. Additional Information to the request for revision REV0186 – September 2010
  5. HFC-23 EU Policy Briefing – July 2010
  6. Study on Adipic Acid: Industrial N2O Projects Under the CDM: Adipic Acid – A Case of Carbon Leakage? – October 2010


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