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Request to adjust the crediting rules for CDM coal projects

CDM Watch found that the crediting rules for new grid connected fossil fuel fired power plants using a less GHG intensive technology (ACM0013) use outdated data to determine baseline emissions and ignore that the efficiency of new fossil fuel-fired power plants increases over time. In an attempt to address this flaw, CDM Watch made an official submission to the UNFCCC to introduce an adjustment of the efficiency that accounts for technical improvement on 30 August 2010. However, in a surprising move, the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat has refused to forward a formal request by CDM Watch to the CDM Executive Board and its Methodologies Panel.

The proposal was due to be discussed from 25-29 October by the CDM Executive Board’s Methodologies Panel but the UNFCCC secretariat refused to forward it to the Methodologies Panel. It argued that it was not clear whether CDM Watch would comply with the procedural requirements to file these suggestions. Although not yet in place, the CDM Executive Board has announced to introduce new rules on which entity is allowed to make such submissions in their November meeting.

For more information you can download the following documents:

1. Draft version of the approved consolidated baseline and monitoring methodology ACM0013

2. Form for submission of requests for revisions of approved methodologies to the Methodologies Panel: ACM0013-Consolidated baseline and monitoring methodology for new grid connected fossil fuel fired power plants using a less GHG intensive technology

3. PDD


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