Request for Clarification of HFC-23 Crediting Methodology

On 13 September 2010, CDM Watch submitted a Clarification Request to provide clarity on current crediting rules for HFC-23 abatement projects. In addition to the evidence that was filed in March 2010 related to the gaming of the CDM by unscrupulous plant operators, this new submission seeks to clarify how the waste generation rate should be calculated for HCFC-22 production plants where key components have been replaced or retrofitted. The introduction of more efficient production techniques would logically lead to the reduction of the baseline waste generation rate but the wording of the methodology is unclear on this point and has not yet been clarified. The request will be considered from 25-29 October by the Methodologies Panel and then by the CDM Executive Board from 22-26 November at its meeting in Cancun in Mexico.

For more information see:

You can download all documents below:

1. Proposal for Submission of the Request for Clarification of CDM Methodology AM0001 Version 5.2

2. Form for submission of queries from DOEs to the Methodologies Panel regarding the application of approved methodologies: Use of historical data if the key components of a HCFC-22 plants have been retrofitted or replaced.

3. PDD for Clarification Request


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