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Launch of CDM Toolkit (Newsletter #10)

Finally, CDM Watch is happy to present the second edition of the CDM Toolkit. The CDM Toolkit is designed for NGOs, activists and citizens who have little or no prior experience with the CDM. Like the first CDM Toolkit that was released by CDM Watch in 2003, it is a guide that provides an explanation of how the CDM and its tools for public participation work.

The Toolkit is not designed as a critique of the CDM, but rather as a tool for use by those who are faced with evaluating CDM projects in their country, and want to know more about the mechanism and how to assess projects. The Toolkit has been designed to bring clarity to key requirements when assessing CDM projects during the public commenting period and beyond. It begins by providing a general overview of the CDM and its history. It then explains the process a CDM project has to go through to obtain approval and be able to generate carbon credits. The focus is on explaining the key issues for civil society and identifying the opportunities for public input. The Toolkit also gives details about exceptional rules for certain project types, such as sinks projects and programmes of activities.


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