New Executive Board member savvy on HFC-23 (Newsletter #8)

The vacant seat for the 10th member of the CDM Executive Board will finally be filled during this 54th Board meeting. The Board will welcome the new member Mr Duan Maosheng from China who assumes the seat for a Non-Annex I member.

Mr Maosheng’s curricula vitae that is uploaded on the UNFCCC website is rather modest and limited to information about his current activities at Tsinghua University. However, CDM Watch found that he has extensive background related to the CDM and will certainly bring a wealth of knowledge to CDM Executive Board discussions. Especially note worthy is his in-depth knowledge about HFC-23 destruction projects as he determined the monitoring methodology and baseline study of No.2 HFC-23 Decomposition Project of Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd, P. R. China (Project Ref Number 0868)[1]. According to the annual emission reduction potential of 4,8 Mio. CO2 eq, this project is the 9th largest CDM project ever registered under the CDM. From April 2008 to June 2009 the project generated 10,9 Mio. CERs and another 1,9 Mio. CERs are pending issuance[2]. CDM Watch trusts that Mr Maosheng will declare a conflict of interest should the issuance request come under review at the Board.

[1] Page 21 of the PDD



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