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Few CVs of Board members outstanding (Newsletter #8)

According to para15 of the latest CMP decision[1], Board members must publish their curricula vitae, statements on conflicts of interest, and details of any past and current professional affiliations on the UNFCCC CDM website. CDM Watch commends the Board members that have published their CVs online as well as made public statements on conflicts of interest prior to the last Board meeting. However, a few CVs of Board members are outstanding that are expected to be uploaded ahead of COP16 where compliance with requests by CMP has to be reported.

Action to be taken by the Board: Following Board members are invited to publish their CVs online:

  • Kamel Djemouai (member)
  • Paulo Manso (alternate)
  • Rajesh Kumar Sethi (alternate)
  • Asterio Takesy (alternate)
  • Akihiro Kuroki (alternate)

[1] Decision -/CMP.5 Further guidance relating to the clean development mechanism


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