Press Release: CDM Workshop Press Release

New Delhi, India–16 November 2009

In an effort to discuss reasons for the failure of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), more than 80 activists, citizens and representatives of NGOs from Armenia, Bangladesh, India and Uganda gathered at a workshop in New Delhi. They concluded that any post-2012 mechanism must enforce the principle of sustainable development. Just a few days ahead of COP-15 in Copenhagen, where the reform of the CDM will be on the agenda, they called on Parties to recognize lessons learnt from the current CDM, which are to improve the participation of citizens in the process, to amend environmentally harmful methodologies, to tax carbon revenues for investment in sustainable development projects, to reveal details of buyers of carbon credits and to establish a competent institutional set-up including a credible code of conduct for the CDM Executive Board.


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Press Release: CDM Workshop Press Release

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