Clean Development? – How Luxembourg is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions abroad

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Clean Development? – How Luxembourg is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions abroad

by Dietmar Mirkes

The study, prepared by Action Solidarité Tiers Monde (ASTM) focuses on climate policy in Luxembourg on the occasion of national and European elections in June 2009, but it also serves as a case study for how EU member states are tackling their objectives at national level.

Avoiding heavy technical jargon, this study explains what emission rights are and gives a brief overview on the process of the CDM. It then examines how international climate policy is implemented by giving concrete examples. Inviting to a small trip around the world, it focuses on a selection of the 79 projects, which at the time of publication generate emission credits for Luxembourg. The projects in focus include dams, sinks, landfill gas and power plant renewal projects. Looking in detail at the stakeholders involved, the study provides background on the environmental integrity of these projects, the reasoning for methodologies under question and the incentives for investment. Finally, Dietmar Mirkes – the author of the report – focuses on the questions what these projects really contribute to the fight against climate change, and if this is a sustainable path, or is rather a dead end.

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