Possible approval of Methodologies NM0278 for new biomass plantations on land areas (Newsletter #1)

On the basis of a recommendation by the Methodologies Panel, the Board may approve Methodologies NM0278. This Methodologies would allow the establishment of new biomass plantations on the following land areas: (i) grasslands, (ii) forest plantation after its last rotation, (iii) degraded areas. However, CDM Watch encourages the Board to reject this Methodologies or to forward it to the Methodologies Panel for further consideration, for the following reasons:

(1)   Replanting trees after the last rotation is common practice in forestry and does not lead to a “newly established plantation”, as required by the third applicability condition of the Methodologies. Using wood from existing forest, even if replanted after a rotation, land does not lead to any emission reductions, as no new wood supply sources are established.

(2)   The establishment of biomass plantations on grassland can result in considerable shifts of pre-project activities which are not adequately addressed in the Methodologies. One consequence, the shift of grazing can result in deforestation of other land. This on the other hand can lead to the displacement of local communities and other severe social consequences.

(3)   The Methodologies is inconsistent with similar approved methodologies, in particular with regard to the estimation of upstream emissions.

Action to be taken by the Board: The Board should send methodology NM0278 to the Methodologies Panel for further consideration.


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