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CDM Watch Newsletter #1, May 2009

Dear Friends,

Ahead of the next CDM EB meeting to take place from 26 – 28 May, Board members are now getting prepared for a busy agenda, including inter alia approving and revising baseline and monitoring methodologies and matters relating to the registration of CDM project activities. CDM Watch encourages the Board to address at its next meeting the following issues as a matter of priority:


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2030 climate targets of over 50 top corporations significantly off track to keep within 1.5°C limit

At a time when global carbon emissions need to be almost halved by 2030, 51 major corporations’ climate commitments amount only to reducing their median carbon footprint by as little as 30%, reveals the 2024 Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor. Tighter regulations from governments are needed to raise the bar, both for companies which are taking insufficient action, and those who are not doing anything at all.

Doing accounts

The EU’s double counting problem

Motivated by a desire to keep down the cost of achieving its climate targets, the EU has failed to rule out the double counting of emissions reductions under its Carbon Removals Certification Framework. By so doing it is undermining established standards and its own policies.

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