Voluntary markets

28 Oct 2020

“Offsetting must not be a license to continue polluting”

We joined the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate launch event on Friday 23 October. Watch the interview with Sabine Frank here. Companies and governments are announcing “climate-neutrality” targets, and consumers are being offered ways to offset their carbon footprint. What does this mean in practice? How can we distinguish between real climate action and…

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By Gilles Dufrasne on 22 Oct 2020

Up in smoke – California fires once again highlight dangers of forest offsets 

Companies are increasingly adopting “climate-neutrality” targets, which often include relying on forests to compensate for pollution. After yet another such offset project was swallowed by flames in California, unresolved questions about forest and land offsets resurface. It’s a simple tagline for green marketing campaigns: “Enjoy our product, it’s climate neutral”. While the tagline is simple,…

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Policy Submissions
21 Oct 2020

Carbon Market Watch response to Verra’s proposal for scaling voluntary carbon markets and avoiding double counting post-2020

Carbon Market Watch welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on Verra’s proposal. We echo Verra’s recognition that there is a need to differentiate between credits which do or do not meet all the requirements set (or to be set) under the Paris Agreement’s article 6 rules. However, we express concern that Verra’s proposed “labelling” approach…