Sustainable Development Mechanism

By CAN International on 6 Sep 2018

The New Article 6: We Know What We Need (ECO: UNFCCC SB48)

Market negotiations resumed at full speed in Bangkok, with new text being published after only one day of negotiations. Parties are feeling the pressure now that COP24 is looming. We’ve started the session by hearing lists of priorities for items that could not be postponed to 2019 (assuming  that not all issues could be resolved…

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31 Aug 2018

Reconciling CORSIA and the Sustainable Development Mechanism

Executive Summary The Paris Agreement breaks away from the division of “developed” vs. “developing” countries which was enshrined in the Kyoto Protocol. It sets a new dynamic which will inevitably impact the next generation of carbon markets. It further sets new objectives for these mechanisms, such as contributing to overall mitigation of global GHG emissions and…

By Aki Kachi on 23 Nov 2017

UN carbon markets: Have we exchanged enough views already?

Far from the sandy beaches of the South Pacific, the 23rd UN climate talks (COP23) was a mostly dreary endeavour in the grey of November in Bonn. The negotiations on the Paris Agreement’s market provisions, the Article 6, moved the process an itsy bit forward, while still leaving all the critical issues open to further…

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