Carbon pricing

Press release
27 Apr 2021

Shipping industry U-turn on carbon pricing long overdue

27 April 2021 – The shipping industry’s leading global lobby group the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) last week ended its years-long opposition to carbon pricing.  It is imperative now that ICS and other sponsors should withdraw their IMRB proposal to allow time for discussion on carbon pricing, and support the far more serious and…

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25 Mar 2021

Sailing towards a global carbon price in the maritime industry?

Introduction Discussions and negotiations on carbon pricing for the international maritime sector are starting to pick up steam again at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). This is an opportunity to finally get urgently needed, meaningful global climate regulation for this international sector. The maritime sector is the last emitting sector globally not to be covered…

By Wijnand Stoefs on 25 Mar 2021

A global pollution price for ships is back on the agenda – here’s how to get it right

A worldwide shipping carbon pricing scheme must reduce pollution fast, finance technologies that reduce more emissions, and support countries most impacted by climate change. It must not include offsetting nor be allowed to weaken national or regional measures. The global shipping sector is still not paying for the climate damage it is causing. While carbon…

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By Kelsey Perlman on 6 Apr 2018

Ticket tax: Both minimally effective AND incredibly impactful?

The Swedish government is tackling the soaring emissions from aviation through an extra fee on airline tickets. There has been significant industry pushback about the extra costs, stating concerns both about economic impacts and low environmental benefits. We agree that in order to drive real transformation of the most polluting of all transport modes, overall…

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