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Policy Submissions
15 Nov 2012

Recommendations to SBSTA-37

This paper outlines key issues under discussion at the 37th Session of Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA). Carbon Market Watch provides recommendations in particular to the following agenda items on CCS, LULUCF and new HCFC-22 facilities.

Policy Submissions
11 Nov 2012

Submission to call for input: CDM Executive Board 70th Meeting Agenda

CDM Watch submission to the CDM EB 70th annotated agenda meeting with regard to items on 1) Recommendations to the CDM Policy Dialogue, 2) Standardised Baselines, 3) Nitric Acid Projects, 4) Sustainable Development co-benefits of project activities, including PoAs and 5) Improving Local and Global Stakeholder Consultation  

Policy Submissions
28 Mar 2011

Submission to call for input (SBSTA): Inclusion of Forest in Exhaustion in the CDM

This submission regards the proposal to include forest in exhaustion in the CDM to be little more than an attempt to provide subsidies to industrial tree plantations in circumstances that encourage bad management practices and the establishment of plantations in inappropriate locations. Such a subsidy would insulate the wood growing and processing industries from commercial pressures to improve their efficiency, reduce wastage, increase recycling and select more suitable sites for plantation establishment. The “forests in exhaustion” proposal also risks undermining the recently established REDD+ mechanism by incentivizing the establishment of plantations under the CDM rather than the restoration of natural forest ecosystems under REDD+.