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Policy Submissions
26 Mar 2013

Submission of Views on the Framework for Various Approaches and the New Market Mechanism

This submission is to the UNFCCC on views on matters referred to in paragraphs 48 and 52 of the Doha decision on the Framework for Various Approaches and the New Market Mechanism. Our recommendations are to: Ensure Robust Governance structure, Avoid all Types of Double Counting, Secure net atmospheric benefits, Uphold human rights, and Deliver sustainable development benefits.

Policy Submissions
27 Feb 2013

Submission to call for input: CDM Executive Board 72nd Meeting Agenda

Carbon Market Watch submission to the CDM EB 72nd annotated agenda meeting with recommendations regarding changes to the CDM Moralities and Procedures including: 1) Fundamental reform of additionality requirements, 2) Change length of crediting period, 3) require that no CDM can violate human rights, 4) Improve the CDM contribution to sustainable development, 5) DOE, Accreditation and 6)…

Policy Submissions
15 Nov 2012

Recommendations to the CMP8 on the CDM

This paper outlines recommendations on key issues on the discussion at CMP8 on the CDM. Our key recommendations are: Fundamentally reform additionality requirements. Suspend and reform guidelines for standardised baselines Ban CDM coal power projects. Address human rights concerns. Improve the CDM’s contribution to sustainable development. Improve the constitution and conduct of the CDM Executive Board…

Policy Submissions
15 Nov 2012

Recommendations to the SBI-37 on CDM Appeals Procedure

This paper outlines recommendations on discussions on CDM Appeals Procedure.  The SBI will consider the following issues in Doha at its 37th session: The scope of appeal, i.e., whether it can consider appeals of approvals as well as rejections and alterations; The definition of stakeholders, i.e., who has standing to appeal ; The grounds for…

Policy Submissions
14 Aug 2012

Submission to call for input: On Sustainable Development and Co-Benefits

CDM Watch respectfully makes this submission in response to the CDM Executive Board’s (the Board) call for inputs on the design, substantive content and operational aspects of the draft development version of the sustainable development voluntary tool (SD tool), draft SD tool report and SD tool user manual.

Policy Submissions
12 Apr 2012

Submission to the European Commission on “Including maritime transport emissions in the EU’s greenhouse gas reduction commitment”

CDM Watch welcomes this opportunity for input and stresses the need for the EU to act promptly and address shipping emissions in the EU to halt climate change below 2°C while it needs to take responsibility as a climate leader and influential party in the development of future international climate systems. Often EU’s decisions have served as blueprints for decisions on UN level. We believe that any legislation including shipping in the EU’s climate policy must reflect the best possible option capable to deliver real reductions within the sector first and with the highest possible environmental integrity while delivering real contribution to sustainable development. Our main comments include: 1) no international credits should be allowed into a maritime sector, 2) revenues for climate finance for abatement in the maritime sector should not come from selling international offsets and 3) at least 50% of revenues should be directed to the Green Climate Fund.

Policy Submissions
28 Nov 2011

Recommendations to the CMP on the Reform of the CDM

This paper outlines key positions by CDM Watch on the reform of the CDM. It explains key issues and also recommends draft text for following CMP decisions for adoption at CMP.7

Policy Submissions
3 Jul 2011

Submission to call for input: Sustainability Benefits in the CDM

Our response describes how co‐benefits and negative impacts can be included in the documentation of CDM project activities to maximise a project’s sustainability benefits while minimising its potential risks and harmful consequences. We also explain how stakeholder participation can be improved to achieve greater civic participation, transparency and fairness. CDM EXECUTIVE BOARD CALL FOR PUBLIC…

Policy Submissions
18 Mar 2011

Submission to call for input: Direct communication of relevant stakeholder groups with the Board

Over the last years, CDM Watch has engaged with a wide range of civil society actors with the aim to coordinate public participation and communication with the Board. However, a significant number of obstacles remain within the CDM procedures. Communication between civil society representatives and the Board mainly happens via means of public participation in the CDM process cycle. Therefore, this submission focuses particularly on how to improve the public participation as a means to improve direct communication with the Board.