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Policy Submissions
28 Aug 2013

Submission to the EC for Stakeholder consultation on Assumptions to be used for new EU ETS carbon leakage list

A public consultation asked the opinion of stakeholders on issues related to the determination of the new carbon leakage list. These issues concern in particular certain assumptions that have to be made when applying the overall approach spelled out in the EU ETS Directive. In response to this consultation Carbon Market Watch – Nature Code submitted these comments.

Policy Submissions
3 Jul 2013

Submission to EC Consultation on Green Paper: A 2030 Framework for Climate & Energy Policies

Herein this submission we take the opportunity to provide our main messages, answers to questions and our recommendations for action.

Source: Climate Action Tracker
Policy Submissions
28 Feb 2013

EC Consultation on structural options to strengthen the EU Emissions Trading System

Carbon Market Watch, a project by Nature Code, welcomes the opportunity to provide its views to the European Commission on the Consultation on structural options for the EU Emissions Trading System. While supporting the submission of the Climate Action Network Europe (CAN Europe), we would like to take the opportunity to provide more detailed comments…

Policy Submissions
12 Apr 2012

Submission to the European Commission on “Including maritime transport emissions in the EU’s greenhouse gas reduction commitment”

CDM Watch welcomes this opportunity for input and stresses the need for the EU to act promptly and address shipping emissions in the EU to halt climate change below 2°C while it needs to take responsibility as a climate leader and influential party in the development of future international climate systems. Often EU’s decisions have served as blueprints for decisions on UN level. We believe that any legislation including shipping in the EU’s climate policy must reflect the best possible option capable to deliver real reductions within the sector first and with the highest possible environmental integrity while delivering real contribution to sustainable development. Our main comments include: 1) no international credits should be allowed into a maritime sector, 2) revenues for climate finance for abatement in the maritime sector should not come from selling international offsets and 3) at least 50% of revenues should be directed to the Green Climate Fund.

Policy Submissions
17 May 2011

Briefing to European Commission: Fresh concerns over the transparency of the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS)

download pdf here Briefing: Fresh concerns over the transparency of the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) NGOs welcome the European Commission’s moves to increase the security of the EU ETS. Bolstering security measures to ensure an effective trading system is of paramount importance. Increased security measures, however, should not come at the detriment of transparency…

Policy Submissions
20 Jan 2011

CDM Watch statement on quality restrictions on the use of industrial gas offsets in the EU ETS

18 January 2011 – CDM Watch statement on quality restrictions on the use of industrial gas offsets in the EU ETS (download pdf here) At its meeting on 21 January, the Climate Change Committee, a body made up of technical experts from the 27 EU Member States, is scheduled to vote on the European Commission’s…

Policy Submissions
16 Jan 2011

Calling all Member States: Stop Corporate Europe from sabotaging EU ban on fake carbon offsets

Last Wednesday CDM Watch attended a public hearing organized by the EPP Group in the European Parliament on “Shortcomings undermining the Integrity of the Clean Development Mechanism.” With EU Member States poised to vote on the Commission’s proposal to ban certain industrial gas offsets from the EU’s flagship Emissions Trading Scheme – or EU ETS…