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CMW tour of Ghent port
Carbon dioxide removals

Annual report 2023

In this annual report, we’ve compiled Carbon Market Watch’s highlights of 2023 and the successes we achieved. We could not have accomplished this without the talent, passion and dedication of our staff.

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Decarbonising European industry

Free Allocation Regulation (FAR) revision

The Free Allocation Regulation (FAR) revision is a necessary step to ensure the last years of the free allocation system are coherent with the aim of a full phase-out by 2030 (or 2034 for CBAM

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The Emissions Aristocracy

Carbon Market Watch presents a unique, first-of-its-kind report pairing EU ETS account holders (and their installations) to their parent companies, assessing the highest level of private ownership possible. This report presents an overview of which

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Carbon dioxide removals

Annual report 2022

Foreword by Sabine Frank The top story of 2022 was, sadly, the Russian invasion of and war in Ukraine. Beyond the emotional toll of watching the human cost of warfare, it had an impact on

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