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By Kelsey Perlman on 12 Jul 2018

Deciphering ICAO negotiations for a climate audience

The latest round of negotiations on aviation’s offsetting scheme finished in ICAO at the end of last month, with crucial rules on offsets and biofuels postponed until the next meeting in mid-September. Long-standing reservations from China and Brazil challenged the enforcement of criteria developed in the UN agency that would restrict low-quality offsets from entering…

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Press release
28 Jun 2018

UN aviation body delays decision on key rules for airline offset scheme

28 June 2018 – BRUSSELS. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Council approved part of the package of rules for its future aviation offsetting scheme (CORSIA) yesterday in Montreal. The Council postponed decisions on offset and biofuel criteria, fueling concerns that they may be weakened before the next Council meeting in September. The 36 member countries…

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Watch This! - Civil Society Newsletter
By Miriam Vicente on 21 Jun 2018

WatchThis! – New scheme could breathe life back into the CDM (June 2018)

(4-minute read) Dear friends, We are delighted to share with you the very first digital hub edition of the platform which brings you content such as interviews with our network members, academics, and other experts, a space to promote your campaigns, upcoming events, articles, and more. Over the years, we have worked together for justice, human…

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13 Jun 2018


THE CORSIA CHALLENGE – Aviation climate quiz Test your knowledge on the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s new offsetting mechanism and learn more about what is currently under negotiation. In what city is the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) headquarters located? What is the name of ICAO’s new tool to fight climate change? What is offsetting?…

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By Kelsey Perlman on 6 Apr 2018

Ticket tax: Both minimally effective AND incredibly impactful?

The Swedish government is tackling the soaring emissions from aviation through an extra fee on airline tickets. There has been significant industry pushback about the extra costs, stating concerns both about economic impacts and low environmental benefits. We agree that in order to drive real transformation of the most polluting of all transport modes, overall…

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29 Mar 2018

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter – March 2018

Editorial Earlier this month, six EU countries discussed the possibility of introducing a minimum price on pollution. A carbon floor price in Northern and Western Europe could accelerate the shift away from coal and create a tipping point for the phase-out of fossil fuels in other sectors and jurisdictions. An initiative by the Dutch environmental organisation WISE aims to…

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By Kelsey Perlman on 29 Mar 2018

Offset restrictions needed to avoid crash landing for the aviation pollution scheme

The future aviation offsetting scheme will end up having little impact on the sector’s soaring emissions unless restrictions are applied on what kind of offset credits airlines can purchase, a new study has found. The study, commissioned by the German government, looked at the scenario where all offset credits from the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism…

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Carbon Market Watch News
22 Feb 2018

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter – February 2018

Editorial Europe’s carbon market reform for the next decade is a done deal, but while the EU’s pollution price has increased in recent weeks, prices are well below what’s needed to reach the Paris climate goals. Meaningful and rising carbon floor prices could provide the necessary push to phase out coal and encourage innovation. The Organisation for…

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By Kelsey Perlman on 8 Feb 2018

Lessons learned should guide the work on aviation offsetting scheme

Aviation sector plans to address its massive climate impact by offsetting part of its emissions growth. Producing a respectable offset is becoming more and more difficult in a world where we are rapidly approaching our pollution limits. Below are some of the pitfalls the sector will have to avoid if the scheme is to have…

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