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30 May 2011

Addressing Human Rights Violations in the CDM (Newsletter #14)

Three months on from our first report[1] about the Aguan biogas project[2] in Honduras, the difficult question of how to address human rights violations linked to CDM projects remains unresolved. However, encouraging precedents have been set by various players in the CDM. It is now up to policy makers at all levels, especially at UNFCCC…

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Press release
27 Nov 2010

Press Release: UN Issues Millions of Carbon Credits despite finding that Emission Reductions could be Overestimated

Cancun, Mexico. Climate Campaigners welcomed yesterday’s decision by the United Nations’ CDM Executive Board to suspend the crediting methodology for HFC-23 projects because it could lead to over-issuance of carbon credits. Revised rules will be presented in June 2011 but retro-active changes were not ruled out. CDM Watch called a separate decision to issue almost 20 million carbon credits to HFC-23 projects incoherent.

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