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25 Feb 2015

European Commission publishes vision on the Paris Protocol to tackle climate change

Today, the European Commission (EC) has published a first glimpse of the mitigation contributions the EU intends to contribute to the Paris Protocol. The Communication launched today entitled “The Paris Protocol – A blueprint for tackling global climate change beyond 2020” includes a proposal for the EU’s proposed Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDCs) prepared in…

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10 Sep 2013

Recode – Short documentary on Forest Carbon

Synopsis   Recode takes a fresh look at forest carbon; exploring the initiatives currently being developed to reduce emissions with forest resources. While outlining the current market approaches to emission sequestration, Recode addresses some of the drivers of deforestation and various efforts aimed at its containment in developing countries. Recognising the socioeconomic challenges surrounding forests…

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27 Mar 2013

Watch This! NGO Voices on Carbon Markets #5

Despite severely over-supplied carbon markets and lacking mitigation commitments, countries are currently developing additional carbon market schemes. At the same time, countries are contemplating what changes are needed to the underlying rules of the CDM. They are also negotiating REDD and other approaches to reduce emissions from international aviation. Throughout all these developments it is of utmost importance to take into account the lessons from the past. In order to achieve real benefits for climate and people, your voice on carbon markets will be important!

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Carbon Market Watch News
16 Nov 2012

Farewell CDM Watch – Welcome Carbon Market Watch! (Newsletter #1)

See Newsletter #1, November 2012 After an eventful three years, it is time to say farewell to CDM Watch and welcome Carbon Market Watch! From November 2012 Carbon Market Watch will continue the activities of CDM Watch and expand further to other carbon market initiatives. In the future, Carbon Market Watch will also scrutinise new…

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31 Oct 2012

Reform Panel ignores inherent flaws of the CDM (Watch this! #3)

In September, the High-Level Panel on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Policy Dialogue presented its final report with recommendations on how to improve the CDM. Overall, the report fails to address fundamental flaws of the CDM, is strongly based on political opinions and ignores important research. It does however include important recommendations about improving accountability, establishing a grievance mechanism and stresses the importance for the CDM to go beyond offsetting. Nevertheless, decision-makers need to be careful with some of the recommendations of the Panel that simply aim at saving the CDM for its own sake because of the impending collapse of carbon markets.

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10 Oct 2012

Report by the European Parliament on Human Rights and Climate Change: EU policy Options

Study commissioned by the European Parliament DG for external policies (Directorate B – Policy Department) on Human Rights and Climate Change. Section 10.1.3 reports about human rights concerns regarding the acceptance of JI and CDM credits in the EU ETS with CDM project cases Barro Blanco (Panama) and Aguan (Honduras) cited as examples. The study recommends that the EU should be clear on the fact that JI/CDM credits from projects that violate or risk violating human rights may not be used within the EU ETS and that relevant criteria should be set up and imposed on investors located in MS territories. Bilateral agreement with host countries may be appropriate in this respect.

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Press release
23 Jul 2012

Press Release: UN Body decision marks end for dirty carbon credits from coal power in the EU emissions trading scheme

Washington D.C., Brussels, 23 July 2012. The United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Executive Board has taken a significant step towards a major victory against propping up the dirty, carbon intensive coal industry. In a meeting last week, the CDM Executive Board requested yet another round of scrutiny of the set of rules that would allow coal power plants in India and China to receive carbon credits.

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Carbon Market Watch News
12 Jul 2012

A Review of UNFCCC Carbon Market Developments (Newsletter #20)

The last intercessional UN climate negotiations took place in May in Bonn, Germany. The main theme of the two-week conference seemed to be “diverging views” on about every agenda item. There were diverging views about the length of the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol; about the work programme of the new Durban Platform…

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