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Press release
21 Mar 2014

Press Statement: Carbon Market Watch welcomes today’s vote in the European Parliament which rejects a weak deal on aviation emissions trading

19 March 2014, Brussels – Today, the Environment and Public Health Committee (ENVI) in the European Parliament voted against a deal that would have extended the derogation for intercontinental flights from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Carbon Market Watch welcomes the rejection of this bad deal for the climate and calls on the Parliament’s plenary to follow suit on 3 April at the plenary vote.

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19 Feb 2014

Watch This! NGO Voices on Carbon Markets #8 (Special Edition)

Over the past years, Carbon Market Watch together with numerous dedicated organizations in India has worked to improve the social and environmental integrity of carbon market projects in India, and exposed weaknesses where they occurred. As the number of projects has increased, challenges faced by local communities to defend their rights to land, food, and shelter have increasingly been reported across India.

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25 Jul 2013

Credit where credit is due? (Watch This! #6)

By Andrew Coiley, South Asia Project Coordinator, Carbon Market Watch   New figures released by the European Union for its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), the world largest emissions trading platform show that quality standards are needed for airlines to stop investments in cheap offset credits that clearly lack environmental integrity. In recent years international aviation…

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27 Mar 2013

Watch This! NGO Voices on Carbon Markets #5

Despite severely over-supplied carbon markets and lacking mitigation commitments, countries are currently developing additional carbon market schemes. At the same time, countries are contemplating what changes are needed to the underlying rules of the CDM. They are also negotiating REDD and other approaches to reduce emissions from international aviation. Throughout all these developments it is of utmost importance to take into account the lessons from the past. In order to achieve real benefits for climate and people, your voice on carbon markets will be important!

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Carbon Market Watch News
4 Mar 2013

“Stopping-the-clock” on emissions from air travel – what’s the buzz? (Newsletter #2)

This year is a crucial one for countries to finally address emissions from international aviation, which is responsible for 4.9% of man-made global warming. The Kyoto Protocol requires Parties to find solutions to mitigate emissions from aviation by working through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Since Kyoto however, ICAO has proved to be incapable…

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Press release
26 Feb 2013

Press Statement: European Parliament’s Environment Committee rejects allowing more offsets for aviation industry

Brussels, 26 February 2013. Today, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted in support of the EU Commission’s “Stop-the-Clock” proposal which derogates flights to and from Europe from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) for one year to give enough time to negotiate a global agreement for addressing emissions from international aviation by autumn 2013….

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20 Dec 2012

NGO Voices on carbon markets at COP18 (Watch This! #4)

See Watch This! #4, December 2012 Agricultural carbon markets – selling out food security? By Teresa Anderson, International Advocacy Co-ordinator for the Gaia Foundation At COP18 in Doha, carbon markets continued their inexorable spread into every arena of climate work, including agriculture.  With heavily politicised debates over emissions reductions, loopholes and carbon markets in almost…

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