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Climate demonstrators
Carbon dioxide removals
Sabine Frank

Why carbon removals do not belong in carbon markets

Policymakers must break the magnetism between carbon markets and carbon removals by putting in place non-market incentives. This requires a rethinking of the EU’s Carbon Removals Certification Framework process and setting the right targets for 2040.

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Girl holding soap bubbles
Carbon dioxide removals
Khaled Diab

Temporary carbon storage is a risky quick fix

Storing carbon temporarily is being touted as a tool for tackling the climate crisis. But unless the CO2 is stored for over a century, this “solution” can do more harm than good, despite the co-benefits to ecosystems.

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Taylor Swift and private jet

Taylor Swift and the top polluters department

Taylor Swift claims she can offset the immense carbon footprint of her private jet but the only way for high-flying celebrities and the superrich to reduce their climate impact is to fly less and choose more sustainable forms of transport.

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