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By Falguni Joshi (Guest Interview) on 12 Dec 2019

Indian perspective of COP25

An interview with Falguni Joshi (CMW member from Gujarat, India Q1: Can you describe what you/your organisation is working on? I have been working on environmental issues since 1997, especially strengthening people’s participation in environmental decision-making processes, creating awareness, raising material on environmental issues, disseminating knowledge about climate change among youth in India, through capacity-building…

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By Gilles Dufrasne on 14 Sep 2018

UN market negotiations: Will we learn from the past?

The divide between countries on key elements of the new UN carbon markets have become apparent at the last UNFCCC session which closed last week in Bangkok. Open questions around the transition of old markets and how to ensure that carbon offsets do not water down climate ambition are set to continue during COP24, when major rules of the Paris Rulebook are expected to be finalised in December in Katowice, Poland.

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By CAN International on 6 Sep 2018

The New Article 6: We Know What We Need (ECO: UNFCCC SB48)

Market negotiations resumed at full speed in Bangkok, with new text being published after only one day of negotiations. Parties are feeling the pressure now that COP24 is looming. We’ve started the session by hearing lists of priorities for items that could not be postponed to 2019 (assuming  that not all issues could be resolved…

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By Gilles Dufrasne on 31 Aug 2018

Withdrawn UN advert shows why carbon offset scheme should be scrapped

The United Nations (UN) climate agency released a video this week mocking lifestyle changes, such as reducing meat consumption and flying, to promote the use of highly controversial credits to offset emissions. The video “Keep calm and offset” has since been removed, but inadvertently points to the main problems with offsetting, a concept that creates the illusion…

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By Gilles Dufrasne on 7 Jun 2018

It’s time for rich countries to stop wasting money on fossil fuels

For almost a decade, the world’s most powerful economies have been making promises to stop channeling public money for fossil fuels that pollute our air and drive dangerous climate change, with little impact so far. This weekend’s G7 meeting in Canada is an opportunity to move from words to action. Expect intense discussions on a…

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Press release
18 Apr 2017

New study adds urgency to end UN carbon offsetting scheme

Brussels 19 April 2017. The European Commission has released a new study showing major flaws in carbon offsets from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). As countries flesh out the rules to implement the Paris Agreement, Carbon Market Watch calls for an end to the scheme, and a shift away from offsetting as a climate policy…

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Carbon Market Watch News
21 Sep 2016

Barro Blanco: communities flooded despite rejected agreement – NGOs ask for withdrawal of CDM’s registration

On September 17, Ngäbe people rejected an agreement between top representatives and the government, signed only a month before. In the meantime, the test filling of the reservoir resumed which has flooded affected communities. Carbon Market Watch along with 80 other local and international NGOs, have called on the Panamanian authorities to withdraw the Barro…

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12 Jul 2016

TAKE ACTION! #Aviation Tweetathon – 28 days

CLICK THE RED BUTTON TO JOIN THE AVIATION TWITTER THUNDERCLAP ON SEPTEMBER 27TH Carbon Market Watch have launched a global online campaign to raise awareness on the upcoming ICAO deal, that is crucial for the climate but not known by the large public and to show airlines, a fundamental ICAO influencer, as well as governments, the decision makers,…

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