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By Gilles Dufrasne on 24 Feb 2021

Alternatives to offsetting are no longer fringe

Carbon market stakeholders are slowly moving beyond the zero-sum game of offsetting towards alternative ways of financing climate action. This positive development will make the existing market more robust, helping to shield it from reputational risks and environmental integrity scandals. Offsetting – paying someone else to reduce emissions instead of reducing one’s own – has…

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Carbon Market Watch News
By Kaisa Amaral on 29 Jan 2021

Carbon Market Watch Newsletter – January 2021

New Year New Climate Momentum The private-sector task force, led by Mark Carney, has published its roadmap for “scaling up voluntary carbon markets”. More investments in climate action are, of course, more than welcome. But the task force should pay more attention to quality – instead of focusing on quantity. One striking omission in the new…

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By Sabine Frank on 28 Jan 2021

The lengthened and stony road to Glasgow

A reminder of the tricky issues of agreement on global carbon market rules in the context of ratcheting up climate ambition Raising ambition is the primordial task for governments ahead of and at the next UN climate conference. But it will also be essential to finally agree on the rules that will govern global carbon…

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By Kaisa Amaral, Gilles Dufrasne on 28 Jan 2021

Companies can do better than offsetting

Relying on paying someone else to reduce emissions is risky and unsustainable. Therefore, private companies should stop “offsetting” and instead financially help poorer countries reach their climate targets and foster sustainable development. Voluntary carbon markets are booming as businesses across the world make climate-neutrality pledges. These plans often rely on the purchase of credits from…

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Press release
By Kaisa Amaral on 27 Jan 2021

Private sector carbon market report evokes more concern than hope

Carbon Market Watch’s reaction to the publication of the report by the task force on scaling up voluntary carbon markets BRUSSELS 27 January 2021 The report of the “Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets” proposes the creation of updated quality criteria for carbon offsets and standardised reporting requirements but also leaves the door open for…

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19 Jan 2021

Carbon Market Watch is looking to hire a Policy Officer

Vacancy for Policy Officer  Carbon Market Watch’s mission is to ensure that carbon pricing and other climate policies cut pollution and drive a just transition towards zero-carbon societies. Given the urgency of halting the climate breakdown, we want market-based climate policies to fulfil their promise and be used in wise combination with regulatory and incentivising measures. Our strengths…

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By Kirsten Sleven on 21 Dec 2020

What can we learn from the Dutch national carbon tax?

Guest article by Kirsten Sleven, Director, WISE As the first country in the world, the Netherlands is about to introduce a carbon tax on industrial pollution. The tax is part of a broader policy package (Dutch Climate Agreement) to stimulate major industrial polluters to ‘decarbonize’ their production processes and was drawn up in consultation with…

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Watch This! - Civil Society Newsletter
By Andrew Coiley on 15 Dec 2020

Low carbon agriculture – the next conundrum

When I began to think about a suitable article to pen as my last contribution to this newsletter, the obvious choice was low carbon agriculture. This is of personal interest to me as I  switch my focus to sustainable agriculture at my organic farm just outside Salzburg, Austria. We are in the process of transforming…

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