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CDM Workshops in Mesoamerica

Mexico City, Mexico
19 February 2011

Santa Cruz Michapa, Cuscatlán, El Salvador
26-27 February 2011

In response to the growing number of CDM projects in Central America, in early 2011 CDM Watch organised a Workshop in Mexico City and a second two-day regional workshop in Santa Cruz Michapa, Cuscatlán, El Salvador. The events brought together more than 100 participants from all seven Mesoamerican countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and El Salvador. Representatives of environmental NGOs, social and gender movements, activists, leaders of peasant and indigenous communities, representatives of international networks, journalists and citizens came together to exchange experiences with the CDM.

Participants of both workshops clearly rejected the CDM as effective means to combat climate change. They did not agree that the CDM has achieved substantial emission reductions in developing countries but argued that many of the projects would be implemented anyway. Moreover, workshop participants heavily complained about enormous negative environmental and social impacts of large CDM megaprojects that are being implemented despite local resistance. They argued that when validating a project on the ground, local opinion was strategically avoided and ignored in the validation process. The workshop conclusions call for a total reform of the CDM especially with regards to eligibility of project types, public participation rules, accessibility of information and transparency of procedures. They demanded the automatic ‘disqualification’ of CDM projects proven to violate human rights or other international conventions, as well as the exclusion of projects with inherent harmful social and environmental impacts such as large hydro and monoculture projects. Equally the exclusion of projects extending the use of fossil fuels, such as supercritical coal and cement plant projects was demanded by civil society representatives.

You can access the Workshop Summary for both events here: 19 February Mexico CityRegional Workshop 26 & 27 February El Salvador

Documentos del taller del 19 Febrero 2011 – Centro Prodh, Ciudad de Mexico


Documentos del taller del 26 & 27 Febrero 2011 – Eco Centro Animas, El Salvador


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