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CDM Workshop in Brazil

Brasilia, Brazil
26-27 October 2010

Jointly with several Brazilian Organizations*, CDM Watch organized a workshop on “The Role of Civil Society in Climate Change Mitigation Projects” on 26 and 27 October in Brasilia, Brazil.

Drawing on the experience of Brazilian citizens on how good, bad or ugly projects can be implemented; participants identified problematic cases of climate change mitigation projects in Brazil, discussed and analyzed the experience of citizens impacted by these projects and created a critical civil society platform.

Participants demanded the exclusion of environmentally or socially harmful projects, violating human rights or any other international conventions from the CDM. Any CDM project which is in direct conflict with the informal sector should not qualify or be inclusive and take into consideration the needs of informal sector workers, such as waste pickers at the conception stage. Attempts to improve the CDM’s governance were welcomed in principle but seen as totally unsatisfactory at the moment. Most of all participants urged the need for strong comprehensive policies and regulations aimed at cutting emissions and mitigating climate change. They underlined that this must be done independently of the development of carbon market mechanisms. That these can only be a complementary measure since incentives to keep emitting cannot mitigate climate change. Carbon credits from CDM projects should therefore only qualify for a minor quota of domestic emission reduction goals.

The full workshop statement in Portuguese can be downloaded here: download pdf

The supporting documents in pdf file can be downloaded here:

The presentations in pdf file can be downloaded here:

The background material in pdf file can be downloaded here:

*Co-organisers of the workshop were:


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