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European Parliament Lunch Event: Integrity of the CDM, how troubling project types undermine European climate goals – 21 September 2011

On Wednesday 21 of September, 2011, CDM Watch and Sandbag organised a lunch/debate at the European Parliament in Brussels on the: Integrity of the CDM:  How troubling project types undermine European climate goals.

The European Union (EU) can achieve half of its greenhouse gas emission reductions by using international offset credits from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). To increase the quality of these CDM offsets and to promote sustainable development, the EU banned the use of offsets from controversial industrial gas projects and limited the eligibility of new offset projects registered as of 2012 to projects from Least Developed Countries.

The European Commission is currently evaluating whether a reform of the CDM is needed and whether further EU quality restrictions for CDM credits are necessary. Many industry associations insist on the need for cheap credits. However carbon market watchdog organisations CDM Watch and Sandbag believe that several types of projects continue to undermine European climate goals and that further quality restrictions are feasible without causing undue burden in European economies.


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