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22 Jun 2017

A Fair EU ETS Revision

The EU is currently finalizing the implementation of its 2030 climate framework. This work includes a revision of the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), the EU’s flagship climate instrument. The European Parliament (EP) and the Council adopted their positions on the EU ETS revision earlier this year and are currently holding talks to reach an agreement on how to design the system for the 2021-2030 period. 

Propuestas politicas
19 Jun 2017

Submission to European Commission on modernising and simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

The current governance and decision-making process of the CAP is a main barrier preventing the current policy from delivering on its objectives.  Representing almost 40% of the EU budget, the CAP has to be aligned with the EU’s environmental, climate and development objectives.

Informes anuales
20 Dic 2013

Annual Report 2012

Following an eventful three years of watching carbon markets in Europe and internationally, a new not-for-profit association has emerged. The establishment of Nature Code – Centre of Environment & Development is the result of an initiative by former advisory board members of Carbon Market Watch (formerly CDM Watch), to advocate for policy solutions which promote genuine sustainable development, environmental integrity and good governance. The aim of this new association is to provide decision makers around the world with fact-based advocacy and to involve local communities in decision making processes.

22 Nov 2013

Local realities of CDM projects – A compilation of case studies

November 2013 Content 3.  Sasan coal power project, India 4. Adani’s Mundra coal power project, India 6. The Barro Blanco Hydroelectric Power Plant Project, Panama 7. The Chengdu Luodai MSW Incinerator, China 8. The small scale Kukke Hydro Project, India 9. Small hydroelectric dam Aurora I, Honduras 10. The Palo Viejo Hydroelectric Project, Guatemala