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3 Ago 2020

Mercados de carbono 101 – La guía definitiva sobre mecanismos climáticos basados en el mercado

Este informe ofrece un panorama de las actuales discusiones bajo el Artículo 6 del Acuerdo de París, donde se establecen los pilares de las medidas climáticas basadas en el mercado después del año 2020.

26 Abr 2018

Manual para profesionales para consultas con las partes interesadas locales

Cómo garantizar una participación pública adecuada en las medidas de mitigación del cambio climático Introducción En los últimos 20 años, los esfuerzos mundiales para mitigar los efectos del cambio climático han dependido cada vez más de la aplicación de proyectos de mitigación locales. Pese a que su objetivo era reducir las emisiones de la manera…

8 Dic 2017

Beyond the EU ETS: Strengthening Europe’s carbon market through national action

Executive summary In autumn 2017, the EU Member States and the European Parliament agreed on the revision of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), setting out the scheme’s rules for the 2021-2030 period. The EU ETS aims to put a price on carbon by requiring installations across Europe to surrender allowances reflecting their level…

13 Nov 2017

Visibility Unlimited: Transparency of the new aviation carbon market

Executive summary A new offsetting scheme called the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) was established by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in 2016 to compensate for the industry’s emissions growth above 2020 levels. Although this measure will address less than a third of the sectors’ total expected emissions in 2030,…

6 Oct 2017

Cities at the forefront of climate action

Cities and regions are critically important for meeting and overachieving Europe’s climate targets. More than a third of the EU’s 2020 climate target will be delivered by cities, equivalent to 240 million tonnes of CO2 emission reductions (JRC, 2016).

20 Sep 2017

Pricing carbon to achieve the Paris goals

Executive Summary Putting a price on carbon, based on the polluter pays principle, has the potential to be a powerful policy tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change. A carbon price can come in the form of a tax or a cap and trade system. With a tax, the price of polluting…

22 Jun 2017

A Fair EU ETS Revision

The EU is currently finalizing the implementation of its 2030 climate framework. This work includes a revision of the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), the EU’s flagship climate instrument. The European Parliament (EP) and the Council adopted their positions on the EU ETS revision earlier this year and are currently holding talks to reach an agreement on how to design the system for the 2021-2030 period. 

22 Nov 2013

Local realities of CDM projects – A compilation of case studies

November 2013 Content 3.  Sasan coal power project, India 4. Adani’s Mundra coal power project, India 6. The Barro Blanco Hydroelectric Power Plant Project, Panama 7. The Chengdu Luodai MSW Incinerator, China 8. The small scale Kukke Hydro Project, India 9. Small hydroelectric dam Aurora I, Honduras 10. The Palo Viejo Hydroelectric Project, Guatemala