Tomas Wyns

Tomas is a senior Researcher at the Institute for European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is working on European and international climate policy, in particular the design of industrial and innovation policy in the EU and its Member States, enhancing global climate action under the Paris climate agreement and the implementation of the EU Emissions Trading System.  Before joining the IES, Tomas worked as a climate policy officer in the environmental administration of the Flemish government in Belgium. He later joined the NGO ‘Climate Action Network Europe’ and the think-thank ‘Centre for Clean Air Policy’. He has developed an extensive knowledge about energy intensive industries, in particular on low-carbon breakthrough technologies, business model transitions to a low-carbon economy and financing this transition. He recently published a comprehensive report on the options to decarbonise energy intensive industries in Europe and how to finance this transition under the forthcoming EU ETS innovation fund. Tomas has a Master’s degree in Physics and is specialised in international relations and conflict management.
Email: tomas.wyns(at)