Mariel Vilella

Mariel is Managing Director of Zero Waste Europe and represents the vision and strategy of the organisation, as well as manages the ZWE team in collaboration with ZWE members worldwide that are promoting zero waste policies and practices. Previous to this role she was the lead climate policy advisor with GAIA and today she continues to guide GAIA’s work on zero waste project guidelines for major sources of climate finance, and international energy policy with impacts on the waste sector. She has extensive experience in research, publications development and project management and in 2011, she was the lead author of the report ‘The European Union’s Double Standards on Waste and Climate Policy”. Mariel has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology by the University of Barcelona, a Masters Degree on Discourse Analysis and Argumentation by the University of Amsterdam, and an Master of Arts in Social Communication Studies by University Pompeu Fabra.
Email: mariel(at)