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Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Región Occidental de Honduras


Fundación Cosecha Sostenible de Honduras

Madre Tierra/Amigos de la Tierra Honduras

FIAN Honduras

Press release
5 Mar 2013

Press statement: International organizations welcome World Bank Ombudsman´s initiative to scrutinize investment project in Bajo Aguán, Honduras

International organizations welcome the World Bank Ombudsman´s initiative to scrutinize an investment project of the International Finance Corporation due to allegations of human rights violations of peasant communities in the Lower Aguán valley, Honduras, and demand immediate halt to the project. See the international statement here. However, a similar project at the same location remains…

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24 Jun 2011

Unsolicited Letter: Inadequacy of local stakeholder consultation of CDM project 3197, Bajo Aguan, Honduras

Based on the information provided in this letter, we believe that the validation report of this project does not comply with the VVM requirement paragraphs 17, 18, 39, 129(c), and 139 (a) and that therefore the project request for registration must be rejected. Moreover, actions against the performance of the DOE, that issued a positive validation…

15 Feb 2011

Aguan Biogas Project linked to serious Human Rights Violations in Honduras (Newsletter #12)

One of the CDM projects currently seeking registration is the “Aguan biogas recovery from Palm Oil Mill Effluent ponds and biogas utilisation” (Project 3197).  The company behind the project, Grupo Dinant subsidiary Exportadora del Atlantico, is implicated in assassinations and other serious human rights abuses in Honduras and there are grave concerns that additional funding…

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