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4 Jul 2011

The Mandate to Protect Human Rights in the CDM (Newsletter #17)

Over the past months, allegations about CDM projects related to human rights violations have increased pressure on international policy makers to address this issue at the upcoming UNFCCC conference in Durban. CDM Watch believes that the United Nations, including the CDM Executive Board, as well as the European Union and other buyers have a mandate…

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30 May 2011

Addressing Human Rights Violations in the CDM (Newsletter #14)

Three months on from our first report[1] about the Aguan biogas project[2] in Honduras, the difficult question of how to address human rights violations linked to CDM projects remains unresolved. However, encouraging precedents have been set by various players in the CDM. It is now up to policy makers at all levels, especially at UNFCCC…

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15 Feb 2011

Aguan Biogas Project linked to serious Human Rights Violations in Honduras (Newsletter #12)

One of the CDM projects currently seeking registration is the “Aguan biogas recovery from Palm Oil Mill Effluent ponds and biogas utilisation” (Project 3197).  The company behind the project, Grupo Dinant subsidiary Exportadora del Atlantico, is implicated in assassinations and other serious human rights abuses in Honduras and there are grave concerns that additional funding…

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14 Feb 2011

Open Letter to UK: UK Government must withdraw authorisation for Aguan and Lean CDM projects linked to assassinations and other human rights abuses in Honduras

The signatories to the letter call on the UK Government to immediately withdraw authorisation for the proposed CDM project “Aguan biogas recovery from Palm Oil Mill Effluent ponds and biogas utilisation” by Exportadora del Atlantico in Honduras. Authorisation for EDF Trading to purchase CDM credits (CERs) from this project was granted by the UK Government on 3rd June 2009, shortly before the military coup.