WATCH THIS! NGO Voices on Climate Finance & Carbon Markets #16 September 2016



Dear partners,

Since the beginning of the year, international aviation has been very high on our international advocacy agenda. As explained in previous editions of this newsletter, our priority is to ensure that the aviation sector will do its fair share in fighting climate change. Thanks to your support, we have sent key countries in the decision making process an open letter signed by 60+ worldwide organisations. Many of you have also taken online action throughout July & August by participating in our Tweetathon. We now need your support for a final and epic push: a Thunderclap that will take place on September 27.

Our campaign is reaching its final stage: next week, the International Civil Aviation Organization will convene its 39th General Assembly that is set to adopt a new market based measure to reach its set goal of net climate neutrality from  2020. This opportunity is very important as the General Assembly only meets every three years. Climate change will not wait for another three years for effective action. However, unfortunately, and as you will read in this edition, there are still many problems with the draft text.

It is of utmost importance to show the ICAO government representatives involved in the process, that the world is watching. Our final action will be centered around a Thunderclap, an online tool that allows supporters to tweet at the same moment, in order to trigger a single massive online shout for action. To participate, please register here!

Happy reading,

Pierre-Jean, network coordinator

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