Barro Blanco: communities flooded despite rejected agreement – NGOs ask for withdrawal of CDM’s registration

On September 17, Ngäbe people rejected an agreement between top representatives and the government, signed only a month before. In the meantime, the test filling of the reservoir resumed which has flooded affected communities. Carbon Market Watch along with 80 other local and international NGOs, have called on the Panamanian authorities to withdraw the Barro …

Effort sharing on the agenda

The EU Member States and the European Parliament have begun to work on a major piece of EU climate legislation that covers 60% of the bloc’s greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon Market Watch has analysed the Commission’s proposal and suggests ways to improve it.

EU’s highest court rebuffs industry claim for more pollution freebies

Earlier this month, the EU Court of Justice ruled against a case by eight Swedish heavy industry operators that were asking for more free pollution permits under the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) than they currently get. The EU ETS -meant to cut pollution- has so far provided industry a €24 billion pollution payout, a bill that taxpayers are picking up as governments forego scarce public money.